Stop Smoking


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  This recording is designed to help you to reduce and quit cigarette smoking. By altering the unconscious patterns and thoughts around smoking, this hour long track stop this being a battle of will-power and makes going smoke free a pure joy!
Released: Nov 13
Artists: Christopher Adams
Max Sweiry
Stavros Orfanos ℗ The Label Limited

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  • Stop Smoking

How it Works

  This track works on re-programming your unconscious mind and recreating new association around smoking and breathing.

Created by Master Hypnotherapist Christopher Adams

Founder of Simply Body Love, Christopher Adams, has more than 10 years of experience in helping people overcome their personal and professional difficulties. Having experienced some intense hardship in life himself, along with his vast knowledge, he genuinely comes from a place of knowing when dealing with clients in so many of their situations. This depth of experience and true relation to his client’s troubles has translated into the digital products he now produces which have been likened to having Christopher there as a personal coach, supporting you every step of the way. Between his challenging work commitments where he stretches his mental and physical abilities to their maximum, Christopher loves spending quality time with his very close family and friends, and also getting away and spending ‘Chris’ time on a mountain somewhere, meditating, and really getting to know himself on a truly deep level. His work is something he takes great pride in, and the incredible feedback he receives from his clients and customers is what really fuels him. Their success truly is his success, and helping as many people as he can with his therapies and products while on this planet is his entire purpose.

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