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Pack Overview

Gastric Band… without the Operation! This is the breakthrough that can help eliminate the need for a painful gastric band operation.
Released: Sept 09, 2013 Artists: Christopher Adams, Stavros Orfanos, Max Sweiry © The Label Limited
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 Gastric Band Operation Track 

Here's a screenshot of the 4 adventures you're buying.


The Pre-Operation Video forms an important part of your operation track. It gives you all the required information, just like you would in a consultation with a doctor before surgery. It's also vital as this is where you're unconscious mind is going to learn exactly what it needs to do during the operation.


This track aims to gently hypnotise your mind into having the belief it has a gastric band fitted. There is NO danger in this or your mind being ‘altered’. This track had been created to hit into your deeper thoughts regarding weight and the longer issues you are having (some you won’t even be aware of)… The fact is, IT WORKS!

 CREATED BY: Master Hypnotherapist Christopher Adams

Founder of Simply Body Love, Christopher Adams, has more than 10 years of experience in helping people overcome their personal and professional difficulties. Having experienced some intense hardship in life himself, along with his vast knowledge, he genuinely comes from a place of knowing when dealing with clients in so many of their situations. This depth of experience and true relation to his client’s troubles has translated into the digital products he now produces which have been likened to having Christopher there as a personal coach, supporting you every step of the way.
Words by Christopher Adams. Music by Max Sweiry, Stavros Orfanos and Christopher Adams.