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Stop Smoking Hypnosis
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The 3 Pillars of FreeMind help you to enjoy more success and happiness in your life. It works by helping you to discover and dissolve the barriers and psychological interferences that prevent you from taking yourself to the next level. If you are tired of holding yourself back and have had enough of negative repetitive patterns, empower yourself with this incredible system!
Released: Artists: Tom Fortes Mayer & Mike Trim © The Freemind Project 2017
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“Introduction” (18.17) WT This recording explains how FreeMind works, what is involved in the process and what you are likely to experience. This recording also gives clear instructions on the best way to use FreeMind and includes the full safety guidelines. “Heart”- Discovering the best answer deep inside yourself (22.50) EC Designed to enable you to get some good answers and guidance from the wisest part of yourself. At times we need to let go of our fears and think differently about how we are doing things. This program is designed to get you to come up with really effective solutions for every kind of situation. “Clearing”- Cleanse mind and body with this amazing spring cleaning (17.26) EC Designed to clear out stress and disease from your body. Without realising, most of us have all sorts of difficult emotions stored away in our body. This can put a huge strain on our immune system and can, over time, lead to any number of health problems and discomforts. This program is designed to help you clear the stress out of your body, improving your ability to be positive and relaxed whilst boosting your health and happiness. “Freedom” – Discovering joy in your connection to others (20.34) EC Designed to inspire you to think about what it is to be truly free. This is designed to motivate you to continue using the FreeMind Toolkit to develop yourself so that anything and anybody will not bother you in the same way. This program is great for boosting confidence and getting you to realise the benefit of living this life as wisely and as fully as possible. “Clarity”- The importance of being emotionally aware (7.59) WT About emotions and how they can be understood and managed more easily. This works as an introduction to audio program 6 (Overwhelm) or can be used to remind you that your emotions are there to guide you, and that if you can learn how to listen to them, they can really begin to help you. “Overwhelm” – Dissolving distress and getting back on top of life (28.40) EC / PE Designed to help you handle overwhelming emotions. This is about you being able to relax and calm down if you are upset. This program will not push you to think about anything in particular. Instead, it will simply give you tools and techniques to help you manage how you feel by giving you back some control and hopefully some peace of mind. Anytime you are upset, use this program to help you. “Negotiation”- The secret to negotiating with yourself to create lasting change (40.47) EC / PE Designed to help you to do things differently. This program helps you change those things that may be holding you back. If you have behaviours or challenges that need to be resolved you may find this program very useful. You may need to use this program many different times for many different things and each time it may be very different. Have an open mind and bear with the system as it will not always fit you and your needs completely, but it can still be very useful for helping you understand why you do things and how you can begin to enjoy doing things differently. “Guidance” – Discover the best answers to the toughest questions (43.42) EC / PE Designed as an enjoyable way to think differently about how you could approach things. This program ends by inviting you to imagine yourself in a business boardroom where you can get some great advice from some inspirational thinkers. Not everyone likes the idea of being in a boardroom, but if you can go along with the process, you may very well enjoy what you go on to think about. Use this to come to a decision or to maybe discover some solutions to help you overcome a challenge. It is good to begin this one with a question prepared. “Past”  -The power to choose what your history means  (12.50) WT Our past can ruin our lives if we are not careful. This program is designed to encourage you to realise that in order for you to have a good future you may have to go back and resolve your feelings about your past. This is an introduction to program called “Confidence Depth Charge” that will enable you to do that for yourself safely. “Support” – The Ultimate FreeMind Peace Process – coming to unconditional acceptance (70.53) EC / PE Designed to help you put your past behind you. Many of us have had times in our lives when we could have used more support. This program is designed to get you in touch with old feelings and difficulties to help you release and become free of them. This is a journey that may well get emotional. If at any time you find yourself getting too upset you can always skip straight to program 6 (Overwhelm). It can be very useful to return to this program over and over again as each time you may find yourself going to different times, healing old wounds and making it possible for you to get totally clear of the feelings that may have been holding you back. This recording is truly life changing. “Calm” – Stop bringing your past into your present (11.19)  WT Designed to help you keep calm if this toolkit is actually making you feel worse. When you start exploring your own psychology you may have periods of feeling unhappy. The process of freeing your mind can at some points be challenging because it involves thinking about difficult times from your past. Feeling upset is actually part of the healing process but it can put people off. You might think that the system is not working for you but using this audio program will help you to understand what is happening and can help you make it through the difficult times. “Emotional” – The art of transforming lows into highs (29.14) EC / PE This is best used when you are feeling upset and emotional. It is designed to enable you to understand where your emotions are coming from. More often than not, we are getting emotional because we are being reminded of difficulties from our past that are yet to be dealt with properly. When we run into troubles in our everyday life that are overwhelming, it is a great opportunity to bring things out of storage so that once and for all we can put them behind us properly. “Analysis”- Discover the forces that actually motivate you (10.20) EC / PE Designed to enable you to understand why you do certain things, why you feel certain feelings and the reason that may lie behind some habits or patterns you may find yourself caught up in. This program will enable you to get down to some of the root causes that impact on who you are. Sometimes knowing why can be really useful. It can be a great source of compassion and understanding for yourself and others. “Relax”- The secret to creating peace on command (11.28)  EC This program is designed to rapidly take you into a positive and peaceful state. This is great when you only have a short while and you want to relax quickly. “Sleep”- Deep, restorative, rejuvenating slumber. (11.30)  EC Designed as an enjoyable way to help you drift off to sleep more easily. At the same time it begins to change your programming about your capacity to enjoy a deeper sleep, making it more likely that over time you will find yourself sleeping more easily and waking feeling more refreshed
FreeMind training and development recordings combine advanced life-changing technology and inspiring psychology tools to empower people to bring out the best from themselves. The recordings are packed full of tips, techniques and specially designed motivational music that makes these experiences engaging, exciting and incredibly powerful at helping you to enjoy life more easily. They also come with support videos to ensure you get the most from the recordings.

Master Hypnotherapist Tom Fortes Mayer

Tom Fortes Mayer, is the founder of the Freemind Project and the brains behind the Freemind collection. Tom has a post graduate diploma in clinical hypnotherapy from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and is passionate about the power of the mind. He has also studied a number of other healing modalities including EFT, EMDR, Gestalt Counseling, family Constellations and Reparenting Constellations. Since the year 2000 he have been on a mission to understand why some people can, in one instant, suddenly decide to change their life for good.