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Why choose To become a hypnotherapist with FreeMind?

Learn the whole FreeMind system in 8 days

After day 1 you will know how to powerfully hypnotise people

After day 8 you will feel confident to start working with clients immediately

Get FreeMind hypnosis scripts and techniques for a whole range of conditions

Learn to incorporate music into your hypnosis to make it much more powerful

The training includes ongoing support and supervision for a year

Have the tools to help people make real and lasting change in their lives

Once you have qualified you can charge between £80 and £200 per hour and people
will happily pay you these fees for the amazing changes you are helping them make in
their lives. There really is nothing more rewarding.

The Free Mind Hypnosis system
Since the year 2000, I have been passionate about hypnosis and the power it has to create real and lasting change rapidly. The FreeMind system I have developed has worked consistently for me and my clients for over a decade.
helping people change their lives for the better is the most rewarding thing in the world. I have honed the FreeMind system and distilled it down to a set of simple steps that work incredibly effectively. FreeMind recognises the innate perfection of every person, believing first and foremost that everyone can heal themselves from the inside out. our role as FreeMind hypnotherapists is to empower each and every one of our clients to discover their own complete and whole greatness. FreeMind hypnotherapy is built on the core value that our work must honour and support the psychological, emotional and spiritual essence of every client. once you learn the FreeMind hypnosis system and you operate with these values you will be able to help people cure themselves of a whole range of unwanted behaviours, difficult emotions and debilitating physical conditions. you really will be making a difference in the world and people will pay you well for these results.
Unfortunately, there is a great deal that is taught about hypnosis which is misleading, irrelevant and unnecessarily complicated. I am passionate about giving people the essential tools they need by stripping back all of the unnecessary detail and theory. I am excited to teach you how to become an effective, ethical and successful hypnotherapist with a thriving practice. That way you can build a life and especially a lifestyle that you will love.
Maybe you want a completely new career or maybe you already have a counselling, psychology or psychiatry practice and you want to add some more skills. if you are also a personal trainer, a massage therapist, a meditation teacher or a driving instructor, adding hypnosis to your skill set will radically improve the results you are getting with your clients. if you facilitate personal development groups this training will also deepen your work, enabling you to create more transformational events and experiences. I hope you will choose to discover the wonderful world of hypnosis with me. in all the years that I have been studying the art and science of transformation, hypnotherapy remains the most powerful tool that I have discovered.
it will be a great privilege and pleasure to share these fascinating and inspiring techniques with you.

The Three Pillars of FreeMind
on the course you will learn The 3 pillar FreeMind hypnosis System which utilises the 6 most powerful transformational techniques to help individuals overcome their challenges, achieve their goals and enjoy greater levels of health, happiness and harmony.

Part 1 – May 11th – 14th 2017
Part 1 – November 9th – 12th 2017

Part 2 – May 25th – 28th 2017
Part 2 – 24th – 26th November 2017

FreeMind peace (pillar 1)
1. The FreeMind Regression technique enables you to help people understand the root cause of their difficulties and it helps them access and release negativity.

2. The FreeMind parts negotiation technique enables you to communicate directly with the parts of the unconscious mind that are running your client’s challenges. This enables you to help them change their
thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours.

FreeMind power (pillar 2)

3. The FreeMind alignment technique gives you the ability to help your clients truly connect to their innate
power. it is all about helping people believe that they already have everything they need inside themselves to do amazing things in amazing ways.

4. The FreeMind programming technique gives you the ability to help your clients build new belief systems,
stretching what they think is possible for themselves and helping them once and for all to get beyond any limiting ideas or identities that may be holding them back.

FreeMind purpose (pillar 3)

5. The FreeMind Release technique gives you the ability to help your clients let go of their attachments, to drop their need for control, to enable them to have more faith in themselves and life and to therefore start enjoying life in a much more unconditional way. This is the key to everything.

6. The FreeMind Transcendence technique gives you the ability to help your clients move beyond the small, limited and fearful personality and instead to connect more to their large, unlimited, and joyful universality. in that place everything fits together and your clients understand their place in the world and they know how and why they want to contribute to making the world a better place simply by truly being themselves

“After my experience of the FreeMind System I felt amazing and totally unstoppable I really believe it could change the world.
Myleene Klass
Broadcaster and Musician

“This is an astonishingly powerful tool. I have seen patients with long-term issues, who had previously explored traditional therapies without much success, be totally transformed by FreeMind.”
Dr. David Morris

“Prior to working with Tom, the world was often a cynical, brutal, shallow place. afterwards, it feels like the sun has come out in my life; I can feel the warmth on my back, I stand tall and walk forward with confidence and I am deeply at ease with who I am.
If like me, you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to train with Tom, you’ll never look back.”

Chris Randall
Business Coach

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