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Simply Body Love Free 30 Day Challenge
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  • Fall Back in Love with Yourself and Your Body Again.
  • Access to our Home Transformation Audio Tracks.
  • 30 Daily Motivational Videos
  • 30 Day 'PlaytheGame' Challenge created for Simply Body Love
  • 30 Day Success Journal
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Simple, Daily Tasks to help you Transform the Way you Think and Feel about your Body and your Self.
Released: Jan 07, 2017 Artists: Christopher Adams, (f/t Stavros Orfanos, Max Sweiry) © The Label Limited
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Product Description

The Simply Body Love FREE 30 Day Challenge is our introduction program. Over 30 days you will be handheld through the process with a series of daily motivational and instructional short videos. Each day you will be given a short task to do, that will relate to the simple daily workbook sections that will guide you through your journey to understanding how and why you do what you do when it comes to eating, exercise and taking care of yourself and your body. Through the program you will be given access to a number of tools that will aid you to get to know yourself better and begin to change your patterns and subconscious behaviours.This includes access to our the Simply Body Love Home Transformation Audio Tracks. And it's totally FREE! No strings attached. Just 30 days of pure coaching and transformation!
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