Stop Smoking Hypnosis


  • 5 home Fremind audio track.
  • 10 Days of Motivational Videos.
  • 10 Daily Stretch Goasl.
  • Recreate a new vibrate lifestyle.
  • Drop a Dress size in 10 days or your money back.
Released: June 2011 Artists: Tom Fortes Mayer (ft. Christopher Adams) © Freemind Project & The Label Limited 2017
Are you one of the millions of people who are constantly struggling with their weight month after month, year after year? You’ve tried EVERYTHING and just CANNOT seem to shift your extra weight no matter what? Even if you do … the weight always comes back and sometimes doubles? Are you feeling embarrassed, self-conscious, awkward in your own skin, and lacking in energy?
It’s a little- known fact that there are 3 simple key principles which are absolutely vital in losing weight and keeping it off that nearly NO-ONE knows about! This 10 day program is a series of recordings which covers, improves and enables you to make changes in your unconscious mind and lead you step-by-step to make incredible changes! Hypnosis tracks work on deep subconscious level, so when in a state of deep relaxation the mind is more susceptible to absorbing messages, resulting in critical change that is needed to succeed in losing weight.
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“Tom is the man who changed my life. After my experience of the FreeMind System, I felt amazing, totally unstoppable. I really believe that it could change the world!”

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