Released: Sept 09, 2013 Artists: Christopher Adams, Stavros Orfanos, Max Sweiry © The Label Limited

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Track 19: Sexual Attraction: This track is equally appropriate for people in relationships as well as single individuals. The track enables you to get in touch with your natural attractiveness which derives from not needing anything outside of yourself. This can be used for social and work relationships as well as sexual or intimate ones.

Christopher’s Comment:"This is as much about your relationship with people in general as it is with sexual interaction. The more confident you become in yourself the more attractive you will be to others. Try using this before going out to a social function and see how you feel differently about your interactions."

Stretch Goal: “Put yourself out there. If you’re single go out and mingle for the night. Let your hair down, throw yourself into interactions and have fun. Notice how people enjoy being around you. If you’re in a relationship then have a romantic night with your partner. Pull out all the stops, dress up and enjoy each other as if this were the last night you would ever spend together.”

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