Released: Sept 09, 2013 Artists: Christopher Adams, Stavros Orfanos, Max Sweiry © The Label Limited

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Track 4: Relaxation: This track is designed to help you to relax more thoroughly. It is also used to enable you to create your ‘safe space’ which is a basis that is returned to throughout the rest of the tracks and allows you to go even deeper even more quickly.

Christopher’s Comment: This is a great track to listen to in the bath with some candles. I also recommend getting some essential oils of a smell that you like and dab it where you can smell it as you listen to it to help create an association with that smell as relaxation."

Stretch Goal: “Give yourself the gift of a bubble bath. Put 30 minutes aside, draw a warm bath, fill it generously with bath salts. Light some dim candles, prepare a bathrobe, slippers and freshly pressed towels, pour a glass of ice cold cucumber water (just like you get at a spa), light some incense, put some soft wordless music on, turn off the lights and just relax. There’s nothing more to this task. Just stop. Relax. Enjoy.”

Track 5: Hypno-Play: This track is designed to help you get used to these types of audio tracks and can be thought of as a sort of test drive for creating therapeutic change by using these tracks. But it can also be used as a transformation tool in its own right. It’s kept generic which means it can be used for almost any type of intervention.

Christopher’s Comment: "This is good to use early on, but it’s also good to use as a softer approach when you don’t necessarily want to go deep into an issue, or do any heavy work. As such it can help gain more general awareness around stuff.'

Stretch Goal: “Review and confirm (or start and complete if you haven’t done so already) your goals for your challenge. Get really clear on what they are and commit to them. Publicly. Once you’re committed to your goals you’ve set for your 90-day challenge post them on Facebook.”

Track 6: Be As You Are: This track is designed to help you to gain a new perspective on life and to enable you to create acceptance around how things are, just as they are, without a need to change them. The First Key to Success is “Acceptance”, which is the same thing as Love. This track focuses on helping you to master that key.

Christopher’s Comment: "This is pretty much my favourite track. There are a couple in the mental strength pack that come close, but overall I think if there were one track that summed up the entire Self Love System and ethos, this would be it!"

Stretch Goal: “Take 30 minutes for some quiet mindfulness. Just be totally present. Go somewhere quiet. Preferably in nature or around flowers or plants or trees, where you can simply be. There’s no need to do anything for the next 30 minutes you are a human BEING. Just be. Be present to your breathing, to the colours and shapes around you, to everything you can hear, and feel, inside and out, how it smells. Everything.”

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The Inner Calm Pack: These next 3 tracks are gentle introductions to hypnosis and the self-therapeutic processes which underpin all of the tracks within the Self Love Weight Loss System. The Relaxation track does exactly what it says on the tin, and helps you relax, but it also introduces you to the Safe Space, which is returned to on  multiple occasions throughout the process. The Hypnoplay track is the first track that gets you to undergo creative and imaginative techniques and processes, and can be considered a sort of test drive that allows you to get your bearings and practice using the imaginative controls so to speak. The last track in the inner calm pack is the Be As You Are track which encompasses the greatest principle of Simply Body Love - Self Love. This track is all about acceptance, of yourself, your body and life in general. When you truly accept things as they are, then nothing else needs to happen.