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Stop Smoking Hypnosis
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The 3 Pillars of FreeMind help you to enjoy more success and happiness in your life. It works by helping you to discover and dissolve the barriers and psychological interferences that prevent you from taking yourself to the next level. If you are tired of holding yourself back and have had enough of negative repetitive patterns, empower yourself with this incredible system!
Released: Artists: Tom Fortes Mayer & Mike Trim © The Freemind Project 2017
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Here's a screenshot of the 12 adventures you're getting...
“Introduction” (18.17) WT This recording explains how FreeMind works, what is involved in the process and what you are likely to experience. “This recording also gives clear instructions on the best way to use FreeMind and includes the full safety guidelines. “Positivity”- The ultimate tool to improve every area of your life (19.36) EC Helps you feel more relaxed and more positive. This is a great place to start exploring the power of your mind and how you can use it to make positive changes in your life. This program is designed to guide you to change how you feel and how you think. Use this to feel more confident about your future. “Motivation”- The Power of Honour and Integrity. (9.52) WT Designed to inspire you to learn more about who you are and what you can do to enjoy life more completely. This is perfect if you need a bit of a pick-me up or if you have something challenging to do. This program reminds you that you are at your best when you have the courage to simply be yourself. “Self-Service” – Bringing your best to life on purpose (26.42) EC Guides you to design your own session to help you work on any area in your life that you might want to improve. It will guide you to see things more positively and it will remind you of the kind of tools and techniques that you could be using to make your life better. Once you are set up, the directions fade and you are left with the perfect music to listen to as you change your own programming. Use this to approach your future in new ways. “Confidence”- The foundation for all success (18.17) EC Designed as a short program to boost your feelings of confidence and wellbeing. This uses a rapid relaxation process that will work more powerfully once you have been using The FreeMind system for a while. Use this before facing a challenge but be aware that in certain situations it may reduce the healthy excitement (nerves) that is sometimes key to performing well. Do not use on the same day as sporting or presentation performance. “Courage”- For those extraordinary leaps of faith (8.26) EC Designed as a short program to inspire you to enjoy getting out of your comfort zone. This is designed to help you find real pleasure in the excitement of taking life with both hands, stretching yourself and living fully and freely. “Language”- Unleashing your greatest potential. (18.14) WT Designed to massively increase your awareness of your language patterns and how they impact on your experience of yourself and life in general. This program will teach you about the core principles of changing your behaviour by improving the language you use externally to others and internally to yourself. This is vital information that everyone should know. “Pressure Dissolver” – The ultimate remover of all nerves (37.08) EC This recording is designed to help you rise to any challenge with the best state of mind possible, whether that is a written examination, a performance, a discussion, a presentation or any other kind of situation where you are being put to the test. Using a combination of desensitization techniques borrowed from a set of psychological tools usually used to help people overcome phobias, this recording can enable a person to overcome any nerves so they can perform to the best of their ability. This recording also sets in place a series of useful thoughts and feelings that will be fired off by the Performance Trigger recording. For best results listen to this recording at least 3 times before the challenge but not within 24 hours of the performance / challenge. “Power Up Trigger” – The ideal turbo boost for just before any performance (4.53) WT This recording is to be listened to just before you undertake the challenge. This recording fires off all of the conditioning that the Performance recording has established. All of the musical anchors are activated so all of the positive and empowered associations are refreshed and re-energised. It is designed to bring to the front of your mind everything you need to know and everything you need to feel to perform at your best. “Visionary Goals”- Bringing your mission to life (15.34) EC This trains an individual to use the FreeMind system as a framework for creating a specific schedule for personal and professional change. By combining traditional goal oriented approaches with advanced performance psychology techniques an individual can rapidly improve every area of their life. This training is especially useful for creating a system by which an individual or their manager can monitor their development plan. “Relax”- The secret to creating focus on command (11.28) This program is designed to rapidly take you into a positive and peaceful state. This is great when you only have a short while and you want to relax quickly. This recording is also in The FreeMind Peace recordings. “Work”- Discovering the true secret of success (10.10) Designed to help you get excited about work being a place where you can bring out the best from yourself. Great for listening to before work but also very useful if you are looking for work. With the right focus we can become inspired to be the best that we can be. Listen to this and allow yourself to enjoy striving for excellence. “Alignment”- The Ultimate FreeMind Power Process (31.45) The most powerful form of mind programming focuses on the principle that you have everything you need already inside you. This powerful recording is about bringing you into alignment with your full potential. This is not about adding something to you, changing you or fixing you. This is about resting in your natural state of perfection from which you can flow with extraordinary excellence. This is the ultimate form of confidence that enables you to meet every moment with total power.
FreeMind training and development recordings combine advanced life-changing technology and inspiring psychology tools to empower people to bring out the best from themselves. The recordings are packed full of tips, techniques and specially designed motivational music that makes these experiences engaging, exciting and incredibly powerful at helping you to enjoy life more easily. They also come with support videos to ensure you get the most from the recordings.

Master Hypnotherapist Tom Fortes Mayer

Tom Fortes Mayer, is the founder of the Freemind Project and the brains behind the Freemind collection. Tom has a post graduate diploma in clinical hypnotherapy from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and is passionate about the power of the mind. He has also studied a number of other healing modalities including EFT, EMDR, Gestalt Counseling, family Constellations and Reparenting Constellations. Since the year 2000 he have been on a mission to understand why some people can, in one instant, suddenly decide to change their life for good.