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Stop Smoking Hypnosis
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  • As part of our “Addiction Treatments”, there is a mandatory Pre-Session Integrity and Commitment Process.In the description below you will find an explanation of this part of the treatment and the specific steps required for you to complete before your session that form this process.
  • This is the Integrity Deposit Payment for the process.
  • Please note your session will not be confirmed until the first 3 Steps of this process have been completed.
Your Integrity Deposit will be returned to you once you have completed all of the points in the Integrity and Commitment Process. If you fail to complete the entire process you will lose your £250 Integrity Deposit.
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What is an “Integrity and Commitment Process”? An Integrity and Commitment Process is required for all “Addiction Therapy” and should be considered as part of the treatment of overcoming and recovering from your addiction. Contrary to what many people believe, addiction requires intelligence! An addict has to be able to deceive him or herself well enough to believe that indulging in their addiction is a good idea at the time that they do it. They have to be able to convince themselves that despite all the evidence to the contrary (scientific, personal history, known consequences, other people’s suffering) that it is in their (the collective) best interest to do their addiction. This takes great abilities of stories telling, creative reasoning and ‘ostrich in the sand’ qualities. On a continuous basis this is a serious achievement and takes a HUGE COMMITMENT! Therefore, overcoming addictions is often not easy, and while many people say that they want to quit or make a change, most of the time they are just saying it rather than actually being committed to the process of making a full and permanent transformation within themselves and their lives. If you are being honest with yourself, this is probably not the first time you’ve said that you are going to stop and you’ve probably broken your word to yourself (and others) a number of times around your addiction. This lack of integrity is a huge barrier to your success in this area. One thing is true of addicts, they lie! They’ve had to to get to where they are and to keep doing what they are doing. They lie to themselves and to others - a lot! And they often resent themselves for doing so. While these statements are not judgemental, they are observational. Therefore our “Integrity and Commitment Process” is designed to help remove opportunities for dishonesty and support you in fulfilling your commitment to yourself once and for all. In order to proceed with your session you will need to complete all the tasks on the list and your session will only be confirmed once the first 3 tasks are completed.   INTEGRITY AND COMMITMENT PROCESS 1) Sign and return this agreement confirming you have received, understood and agree to the Integrity and Commitment Process in its entirety. (This will have been emailed and or given to you in person). 2) Fill out and return the commitment form. (A link to an online copy is below and also sent via email.) 3) Pay both
  •     a) the fee for the session  
  •     b) an Integrity Deposit**
  You must complete the above 3 point within 48 hours of receiving this email (and at least 24 hours before the session) to confirm your session. 4) For at least 24 hours before your session... DO NOT INDULGE IN YOUR ADDICTION! 5) Send a text message to all your friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances that you either do your addiction with, around, are influences on you doing your addiction, or that you might do it in front of. This means anyone that is relevant that would know you do you addiction and would have an influence or care after you stop. In the text message: tell them that you are stopping from 24 hours before the time of your session, ask them to hold you accountable, and inform them that they can best support you by helping ensure you stay a non-addict after the time you have chosen to become a non-addict. Include your therapist on the list of people you send this text to. 6) Write a list of AT LEAST 20 Reasons why you want to stop. At least 10 are pleasure reasons (i.e. it will be good if you stop because...), and at least 10 pain reasons (i.e. it will be bad if you stop because...). 7) Listen to Inner Guide Track. (this is 20 minutes long). While you listen to this track, consider the questions in the questionnaire and the reasons your list. 8) Turn up on time for your session. Once you complete all of these points, your session will go ahead and your Integrity Deposit will be returned to you at the end of your session. ** If you fail to comply with these points:
  • you will lose your Integrity Deposit. This will not go to charity, nor will it go to anyone else. It will be burnt and wasted. This deposit, like the text message, as well as the completion of the rest of these tasks, represents your commitment to this process and to your integrity to yourself.
  • Further, your session may or may not go ahead, at the discretion of the therapist if you do not comply with these 8 points, the session will still be charged at the full rate. (This is separate and above the Integrity Deposit)