Released: 2015

Artists: Tom Fortes Mayer & Christopher Adams.

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screenshot-2016-11-11-18-00-59Hi , on this page you will find your short motivational video for the day by Tom, your stretch goal, your motivational quotes for the day and some short reflections on them by Tom, as well as your guidance for the day and how to get in contact with us should you need any help.

Remember, we’re with you every step along the way. Christopher & Tom

Body Blaster Day Seven

"Forgive Someone."

Forgiving someone can be a hugely powerful process on your journey to self love. The Buddha said that holding on to anger is like carrying around a burning hot brick with the intent of throwing it at the person you don’t like – you are the one that gets burned. Take this opportunity to let go of any excess baggage you have been carrying around and allow yourself to be free. Forgive for them, forgive for you and mostly forgive for love! screenshot-2016-11-11-22-27-21 Download Forgiveness Worksheet

"Lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at you."


Everything in our lives is an experience. Sometimes those experiences aren’t something that we would choose for ourselves, but they are always something we can learn and grow from. Everytime you feel hurt by someone allow yourself to realise that the hurt is coming from you. Their behaviour is what it is. Your responses is your business, and no-one can hurt you without your permission. The world is as the world is and you can still be at peace. If someone highlights within you that you are not totally at peace in yourself this is a beautiful thing. Use it as an opportunity to go inside and find out what part of yourself you are still uncomfortable with.

"If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten."

It’s time for change, time for something new. You didn’t take this challenge because you want to keep things the same as they’ve always been. So start the journey to a new you by being and doing something new. Excellence is a habit, and all habits have to start somewhere – how about here and now?!